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World blockchain and cryptocurrency summit in Moscow

World blockchain and cryptocurrency summit in Moscow

World blockchain and cryptocurrency summit 2018 starts on 19-20 May in Moscow. The organizer of the Summit is International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) - non-profit official crypto association operating at decentralized principles.

The 1st #WBCSUMMIT was held on January 27, 2018 and involved over 30 countries, over 700 participants, and 50 TOP international speakers who discussed the most relevant issues for crypto world. #WBCSUMMIT in May will be 10 times bigger - over 3000 participants, over 100 countries, over 500 speakers! Among them: German Klimenko- Russian Presidential Adviser on Internet Development, Mohammad Shaheed Khan - Vice President of Islamic Banking, Maxim Chereshnev - International Secretary of IDACB and others.

Maxim Chereshnev, the International Secretary of IDACB: "IDACB was created as decentralized assosiation and by now it has more than thirty countries, and we expect more than one hundred countries-participans by Summit in May. The structure of IDACB includes Board of Trustees and Board of Directors. The thing which make us unique is the fact that we have governemental support and strong GR ties. Each country which belongs to IDACB is represented both by an authority's delegate and a leader of crypto community. The main purpose of IDACB and #WBCSUMMIT, in particular, is to establish a global legal framework for the cryptoworld and to lobby the interests of cryptosociety."

The Summit will last two days. The 1st day will be devoted to the essential questions:

How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain development will influence the world? What are the best solutions for each direction? TOP experts will cover the most important topics on 12 different working sessions, each devoted to the most crucial areas where blockchain can be applied. Only real cases (smart city, E-government, hospital business, education etc.)

The 2nd day - World blockchain platforms day, organized by the most popular blockchain platforms, such as Ripple, NEM, BlockOne, Waves, NXT, EOS and others.The agenda is created by the most influential blockchain platforms.

#WBCSUMMIT will be held on 19-th of May, 2018 till the 20-th of May, 2018 by adress: Novy Arbat Str.,36, Moscow

Сферы деятельности: Блокчейн, Криптовалюты, Цифровая трансформация
Сайты субъектов РФ: Москва
Сайты федеральных округов РФ: Центральный федеральный округ
Сайты стран: Россия

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Сайт: wbcsummit.org
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